FSN Throwback of the Day

PBS Educational TV Shows from the 90s

There is no denying that sometimes these shows flat out sucked.  But by the same token there is also no denying that you For Sure watched them and the nerd in you kinda liked them

Bill Nye The Science Guy

I’m about 100% sure that this Poor Man’s Danny Tanner look-a-like was a full blown pedophile.  I’m also sure that Mr. Wizard would give him a good old fashion ass kicking until he shit his pants.  I could see Mr. Wizard taking a swig of scotch out of his flask, humiliating Bill Nye intellectually and physically, and then go home and punish Mrs. Wizard.

That being said, he was 100 times better than that quack Beakman, from Beakman’s World, who just ran around a science lab with a dude dressed as a giant rat.  FSN Beakman.

Bill Nye actually taught some pretty cool shit, and if I could get my hands on a baby blue lab coat and a big black bow tie, I’d consider being him for Halloween


I’m not even gonna try to bullshit you, this show sucked.  Buncha ethnically diverse teeanagers solve mysteries through the help of a ghost that can only manipulate writing.

That has got to be the worst ghost ever.

Why didn’t they just write down every letter in the alphabet and Ghostwriter could do his swirly ghost magic and just form a sentence telling them exactly how to solve the mystery?

Alright.  Enough is enough.  Lets cut to the chase.

This Throwback is about one show and one show only

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


Ohhh what the fuck is up, GUMSHOES?

Carmen Sandiego KILLED IT.

(Quick side note – gross oversight on my part forgetting about Carmen Sandiego in the FSN Cartoon Smokeshow Tournament.  She’s a mysterious little minx who could FS get it)

WitWiCS? was about as legit as education television could get.  First off, the Gumshoes rocked these BADASS jackets:


with the fake ass Phil Collins host Greg Lee and the black Chief



Gotta collect those Acme Crime Bucks so you can get the warrant motherfuckers!  I love how the bad guys like Patty Larceny and Vick the Slick would steal entire buildings and landmarks.  Vick stole the Sphinx and ran off with it in his backpack for Carmen’s Birthday and shit like that.

Really though, my fondest Carmen Sandiego memories come down to two things:

1. The Bonus Round Map

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this is the hardest game in the history of television game shows.  And yes, that includes the Legends of the Hidden Temple Medallion Race.

There would literally be a ZERO percent chance I would ever complete this.  45 seconds?  Cheap ass PBS couldn’t even give you a full minute?

That fake Phil Collins would be like “Ready, set, go!  Capital of Mozambique!”

And I’d just stand there with that giants siren on a pole for 45 seconds.


and I’d kick that shit over and just say FSN.

And of course, the most imporant part of WitWiCS….


I am not even REMOTELY kidding when I say that this track is HOT FIRE.  Like if I was a DJ I’d spin this shit at clubs.

Bitches get DOWN to Rockapella.  Trust that.

For Sure Carmen Sandiego


9 Responses to FSN Throwback of the Day

  1. BC says:

    Arizona? Really Tatsuo? You just one the most difficult bonus round of all time and you choose Arizona???


  2. Metz says:

    Little known fact – MV was on Where in time is Carmen Sandiego.

    Although that show was not as good as where in the world, can we get some insight from a former competitor????

  3. Garbageman says:


    Wow, Rockapella for sure NOT aged well.

    But that motherfucker can beatbox with the legends.

  4. Top That says:

    this show did absolutely kill it and the game was just as phenominal used to play that shit during computer class or whatever the hell that class was called in like 4th grade where you just got to play all these educational games all day like roller coaster tycoon where I would Final Destination that shit and cut the track off so the roller coaster would go flying across the entire map.

    For Sure Computer Class


  5. MV says:

    FS killed it on where in time

  6. kliz says:

    she was indeed a foxy little minx…the best part about her was that u never knew exactly what she looked like so u could use imagination to J it how u like

  7. BB says:

    bill nye the science guy is the fuckin man… And also happens to be a distant relative of mine. He’s like a 10th cousin or some shit

  8. mitz says:

    greg counts from one to three, we hear a timpani drum roll. then, chief and friends often surprise greg with a surprise birthday party and shout “SURPRISE!!!”

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