Flight 447 Last Moments – Is that Sawyer?

This dumpy ass Bolivian News Station PAT aired footage from Lost claiming it was a video of Flight 447  taken before it crashed over the Atlantic.

They claimed that the camera was destroyed, but they were able to obtain the footage because the memory card was recovered.

In other news, I was competing in a golf tournament this past weekend, even though I’m a hockey player, in order to win enough money to purchase my grandmother’s house at an auction, when all the sudden some maniac hit me with a car.

FS Happy Gilmore.

I have always been TORTURED by the way Virginia Venit yells “Happy look out! AHHHH!”

Why was that weird extra “AHHH!” in there?  Why?  Why did the director leave that in?



~ Shout out to The Big High Horse for the news clip


4 Responses to Flight 447 Last Moments – Is that Sawyer?

  1. getmoneygetpaid says:

    great moments in acting

  2. Timmaaaaay says:


  3. cmac says:


  4. cboe says:

    Every since i saw that scene in Happy Gilmore, that scream ALWAYS bugged the shit out me. I never understood the importance, why not just cut it out? It changes to a new setting anyway. FS bad editing. that extra yell is like scratching your fingernails down a chalkboard.

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