BK Super Seven Incher


Now this is marketing.  Coincidentally, the ladies call me the Super Seven Incher as well.  And by ladies, I mean internet friends, and by Super Seven Incher, I mean “Stop IMing me with “a/s/l” you creep”

For Sure Super Seven Incher

~ Shout out to BC for the pic


5 Responses to BK Super Seven Incher

  1. BC says:

    a/s/l used to be such a great pick-up line. now it just gets you banned from chatrooms.

  2. cmac says:

    plus they got that dickhead from to catch a predator setting up f-ing sting operations and being captain cockblock

  3. Timmaaaaay says:

    Less than a buck for an inch?


    You can’t even get that rate in Vegas!

  4. forsurenot says:


    That’s less than it costs to keep a teen from getting pregnant

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