"Did you guys call each other?" "I didn't get the memo" KY

"Did you guys call each other?" "I didn't get the memo" KY

Here’s a look at the FSKY Power Rankings, as of June 23rd, 2009:

#1 – Kanye West – Reigning champ for an amazing 22 consecutive weeks.  Kanye was order to Kill Himself on FSN, January 11, 2009, and he has not released his number 1 spot since

#2 – Kai Kalvin – The litte Thai dick who graduated college at age 11 and says he doesn’t play video games cuz he’s too busy saving humanity

#3 – Alex Rodriguez – Spent his year getting caught cheating, having sex with Madonna, and kissing himself in a mirror

But there has been a MAJOR shakeup the past few weeks in the FSKY Charts.  The #1 mover on the FSKY Hot 100 is the Same-Shirt-Pointer-Outer

Hes’ the dude in your office who CONSISTENTLY points out if you wear a similar outfit to another person in the office, ordinarily following it up with “Did you guys call each other last nite and plan this?” or “I must have not got the memo!”

Guess what, dickhead?  We’re guys, and we’re in a business casual setting – Which means were going to only be wearing button downs or polos that are white, blue, or brown and we’re always going to be wearing khakis or black pants.


What is surprising, is that I haven’t stabbed you with the scissors that sit on my desk after you’ve made that joke for the four billionth time.

So Same-Shirt-Pointer-Outer has skyrocketed to the #4 slot.  With the momentum he’s carrying, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the S-S-P-O battle Kanye for the #1 spot at the conclusion of this week’s FSKY Power Rankings.

Hey, SSPO – did you get my KILL YOURSELF memo about tomorrow?



4 Responses to Same-Shirt-Pointer-Outer

  1. Top That says:

    Kinda like the same fucking dickhead who talks on his phone the entire ride in the elevator no matter that its 8 in the morning and you just wanna fucking sleep, and you seemingly bump into this prick every single fucking day. Who does this guy have to talk to everyday at 8 in the morning?? Fucking asshole

  2. cmac says:

    im no lawyer, but i’m pretty sure according to Section 135-C of the New York State Penal (haha) Code, if you stab that SOB in the heart with your envelope opener you only get probation.

  3. JD says:

    Cmac is well versed in Penal code. He’s been very thorough in his studies of it.

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