Game Over?

solo_cupA few members of FSN Nation – Kliz, C Bo, and The Doctah – ran into a beer pong dispute this past weekend.  I figured what better way to settle this debate than by opening up the discussion to my degenerate readers.

Each team is down to their final cups.  Kliz hits the last cup on his team’s first shot, but knocks it off the table in the process.  Is the game over?

I have a feeling I will be in the minority on this one, probably because most of you mutts out there will do anything to get a W, but I fill that cup back up and put it back on the table.

Winning a game by knocking a cup off the table is lame.  Like winning a football game on a bullshit roughing the passer penalty or a baseball game on a pop up error.  I mean I understand you wanna win, but if it’s up to me I’ll give the opposing team a chance for redemption.

So, its up to you Nation.  Settle the debate:

For Sure NOT Game Over


22 Responses to Game Over?

  1. p mac says:

    No way is the game over. Knocking the cup off the table is equivalent to hitting a shot – nothing more. You gotta agree on this knocking the cup off the table to win crap beforehand if you ask me. I know your just scared Im gonna kick your ass in OT, and are looking for anyway possible to snake a W, but this isnt gonna work. Snake a W because your scared of OT? FSN

  2. VJC3 says:

    Agreed. Counts as one cup, nothing more. The guy that tries to walk off after knocking over a cup is probably the same guy that bounces when the other team is talking to the hot chick at the party. FSN the end of the game and FSN bounce when the other team is laying foundation.

  3. MucktheFet says:

    Pong rules vary depending on where you are playing, but if you take a shot and DON’T make it and the cup falls off the table that is FORSURENOT a win! The only reason why the cup would fall off the table is due to lack of beer in the cup. You place that cup back on the table and keep playing.

  4. Timmaaaaay says:

    FSN a win.

    That should be a standard beer pong rule in my opinion, along with NBA Jam Rules.

    FS Heating Up

  5. debo says:

    If the cup falls of the table that means that the team racking that cup has a) been a complete vag and not put enough beer in the cup b) been a complete idiot and has the cup to close to the edge.

    Therefore its that teams own damn fault and they deserve to lose more so than the other team deserves to win. That being said FS a win.

  6. Weisel says:

    yo, anyone who says the game is over is lame as hell. you win the game by hitting cups, not by knocking shit over. that’s some havens-esque gayness if you say otherwise.

  7. BC says:

    That “pop up error” comment was just plain unnecessary. I never want to be reminded of that again.

  8. debo says:

    Muckthefet’s Cameltoe vagina is now officialy showing. You have just admitted that a cup falling off the table is due to that team’s lack of beer and they should be allowed to put the cup back on the table and keep playing…..PLEASE….where I come from muh fuckas are mocked, ridiculued, and potenitally driven to suicide for being such a pansie that they cannot even put an ample amount of beer in their cup. For sure called drinking game, for sure not called putting a weak ass amount of beer in your cup so a slight breeze blows it over, game.

    • alrightsweet says:

      debo sounds like a fun guy to play beer pong with, fsn.

      dunno if i want to go up against a guy at a party with the potential to drive me to suicide. fsnps

      • debo says:

        Ya you def would not want to play with me because a) you have obviously have had traumatic expeiriences resulting from bitch-amounts of beer poured in your cup and b) because absolute dominance would ensue. I now site a quote from the great philsopher Herm Edwards, “we play to win the game”.

        For sure alright sweet fills cups with an ounce or less of beer.FSASFCWAOOLOB

        • alrightsweet says:

          quoting a dude who got fired from the chiefs, thats some suicide inducing rhetoric right thur. for sure not ensue dominance by quoting a coach who was not dominant. fsnedbqacwwnd

  9. Scheevo Stevo says:

    Definitely should count as a made cup, at which point, the cup should be refilled and put back for the second guy’s shot and the game should go on as normal. As an aside its probably important to give some rule that you cant just wing the ball at the cup with the intention of knocking it over. It should be an accident.

  10. cho-kettie says:

    was the thumb rule instituted in this situation?

    it should be game over if the cup was against the back end of the table, but if there was proper “tip of thumb to knuckle” distance between cup and table than the cup will never be knocked over (unless there’s a paucity of beer — in which case the game should immediately be over for stein-ing on the brew).

  11. weew31 says:

    normally when you hit a cup, you hit the cup. like none of that girls can blow bullshit. if its in, its in. however you gotta fill that shit back up and put it back on the table.

    on a lighter note just watch this from 2 years ago at my house- most importantly the end:

  12. kliz says:

    It should be noted that the ball was circling around the cup about to fall in when the cup fell off the table.

    So because the monkey on the other side of the table did not fill their beer up – they should have the opportunity to win when in reality they already LOST.

    FS GAME OVER. I could understand if it was a line drive right at the red front part of the cup and that caused it to fall over, but this was not the case. The ball was circling around the inside of the cup when it fell over.


    • Scheevo Stevo says:

      So the ball wasn’t really in yet? I would say its not worth fighting over cuz in either event you have your partner’s shot yet and he should just drain the second shot for no redemption in the face of girlie’s who decided not to fill their cups.

  13. the big nobe says:

    Two people to address.

    Seelz – shut the fuck up. Not only am I better than you at beer pong, I also stick around long enough to actually play.

    Debo – this is the type of guy who, when playing two hot girls in beer pong, will still be a total dickhead about the rules, snipping at them about leaning and “watch your elbows”. Not everything is a frat boy who-can-stick-a-banana-further-up-their-ass ultra competition.

    play pong with debo? for sure not.

    • debo says:


      The big nobe is the loser ass dude at parties that rolls around stalking bitches at putting entirely too much effort into “macking” on them only to go home completely empty handed each and every time. All of this has led to him looking at this blog at work, seeing some of the SS’s and surely making a b-line to the bathroom to wack it in his place of employment. Get a clue “the big nobitchforme”. The subject was Game over? not let me use this a reason to lash out against people because I’m still rockin the V-card.

  14. the big nobe says:

    See, I gathered my information from your actual response. You just completely fabricated a character.

    Let me just say this – you and I would and will never be at the same party, largely because I don’t fuck other dudes.

    Simple? Yeah. Creative? Not really. Deniable? As they say around these here parts, FOR SURE NOT.

  15. God of War says:

    Cheers, great blog.

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