FSN Rookie of the Year


Rookie of the Year – Brittany Daniel – 1995 – The Basketball Diaries

Brittany Daniel has always been one of those girls who’s an SS but I never knew her name and never could pinpoint exactly which movies I knew her from.  So I  started looking for pictures of her for you mutts and I realized shes been in a ton of shit.

She started out as an SS in Basketball Diaries corrupting the SHIT out of Leo Dicaprio, making him blow lines and F’ing him:


Then she moved on to Sweet Valley High,  and you quickly learn that there are 2 of these broads:


Her and her twin sister played the roles of popular hot blond cheerleaders having Sister-Threesomes with the star quarterback.  Or something like that.  I’m like 65% sure that’s what that show was about.

I eventually pinned her down as “The Chick From Club Dread.” 


And finally, nowadays she plays the role of Kelly Pitts on The Game, which I’m SURE is one of the worst shows on television.  But her role as Kelly seems to be completely comprised of dressing up in the bedroom for her professional athlete husband:



daniel pole

FS playing dreSS up

But, all these other roles aside, Brittany Daniel sealed her fate in my book with her role as the Carmen the Tranny on It’s Always Sunny:


For Sure Smokeshow Even Though She Plays A Tranny


~ Shout out to the Juggernaut for the ROY Submission


4 Responses to FSN Rookie of the Year

  1. cmac says:

    did you really write a post about brittany daniel without mentioning brandy from joe dirt?

    “it puts the joe dirt in the hole.”

  2. debo says:

    Yup huge leave out with that Joe Dirt omit

  3. smittyface says:

    She totally blew Dawson on Dawson’s Creek.

  4. Free says:

    Are guys kiddin me wat about here role as a snobby rich bitch as 1 of the Vandergeld sisters on d movie”White Chicks,”or does dat not count! It was a Wayan’s bros. film!!!Totally a miss!Major!

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