FSN Blue Chip Prospect


Sara Carbonero – “The Spanish Erin Andrews”

No offense to my girl E.A., but Sara Carbonero is a SMOKESHOW.

I don’t know anything about her except

1. She’s an SS

2. She’s a foreign SS

3. Shes a foreign SS that works for SEXTA


She’s even got a little Adriana Lima going on:


If I’m ESPN right now I’m paying a $10 Million posting fee to La Sexta for the rights to negotiate with this SS and bring her over to America.

For Sure Sara Carbonero

~ Shout out to TIMMAYY for the submission


4 Responses to FSN Blue Chip Prospect

  1. getmoneygetpaid says:

    this girl makes my penis wiggle

  2. getmoneygetpaid says:

    Sara CarBONERo

  3. cho-kettie says:

    this chick makes erin andrews look like a dude…and FS hotter than adriana lima

  4. […] got a message from FSN Blue Chip Prospect Sara Carbonero today.  It […]

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