I Hate It When This Happens


JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.  —  A southern Indiana lawyer says he’s embarrassed and has apologized for being found asleep headfirst in neighbor’s trash can after a night of drinking.

Wilder says he was with friends for dinner and drinks in nearby Louisville, Ky., on Tuesday night but was driven home in a client’s limousine and remembers little of what happened after that. A neighbor found Wilder in the trash can early Wednesday and called police, who helped Wilder home.

Man, I thought I was wild.  But this guys is Wilder. Get it? Get it?

Seriously though, 100 Honor Credits to the neighbor who helped this guy out, but absolutely made it a priority to get a picture of this dumpster sleeping in a dumpster.

A little something I like to call Getting After It.


~ Shout out to Owen for the link.  Dermy, if you’re reading, you’re slipping in the standings.


One Response to I Hate It When This Happens

  1. kliz says:

    is that dermy???

    no wonder it was submitted by owen

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