PETA Needs To Kill Itself

POLITICO (Washington) – The president has been getting lots of kudos for a lightning-fast, Mr. Miyagi-worthy swipe he employed to slay a pesky house fly that was buzzing him in mid-interview during a taping with CNBC that aired Wednesday.

“He stopped the interview to track and kill the fly,” said talk show host Conan O’Brien.

“That’s some pretty impressive hand-eye coordination right there,” Jimmy Fallon gushed. “Makes Obama look like a bad ass.”

But now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, calling it an “execution,” wants the commander-in-chief to show a little more compassion to even “the least sympathetic animals.”

Here’s a fucking question –

How big of a goddam annoying bitch do you have to be to work for PETA?

I bet its a requirement to hold a position there.  “Well let’s see, you graduated from Georgetown with a degree in Veterinarian Medicine.  You’ve held various positions at many organizations campaigning for animal rights, and you’re willing to challenge anyone how does harm to animals.  But the real question is – When you open your mouth do people instantaneously hate everything about you?  Will they immediately concede whatever it is that you are demanding simply because if they have to listen to your bitchy whining they may, in fact, kill themselves?  THAT’S what we are looking for here at PETA.”


For Sure Kill Itself



8 Responses to PETA Needs To Kill Itself

  1. cmac says:

    hey MV sounds like you meet all the requirements….

  2. MV says:

    cmac did you just call me out from the future? its 5:10 yet your post took place at 9:04

  3. MV says:

    It would be terrible if the Jets acquired michael vick…….but there would be a silver lining in that i could throw uncooked burgers, hot dogs, and sausages at all the PETA members protesting

    • Garbageman says:

      amazing scene in PCU

      For Sure Underrated Movie


      • cmac says:

        in a totally unrelated note to peta, PCU is quite possibly the greatest college movie of all time.

        1. animal house
        2. old school
        3. pcu
        4. how high
        5. that movie i made with MV’s mother while in college

  4. nataliathekaraokegodess says:

    First off, your blog rocks.

    Secondly, I respect certain aspects of PETA, I mean I get it. You don’t want animals to be hurt or mistreated. Gotcha. However give me a break! PETA just does it for the publicity. I mean they all have cars, they all live in homes that get bugs. They trying to say that they have never killed a fly by running over it or it hitting their windshield? I bet they are animal lovers who have pets. I had a cat for 19 years, it always killed bugs. They cant sit there and act like its abnormal to kill a fly. Ugh they need to go away stat!

  5. […] we all know my stance on PETA, but it’s stories like this that remind me that animals and us humans are more alike than […]

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