Introducing the 6 time Virgin

For Sure NOT the actual girl.  But it's better to just pretend

For Sure NOT the actual girl. But it's a mail order Russian bride. Close enough.

A Russian woman ended up in intensive care after restoring her virginity for the sixth time.

The woman, identified as Natalia K., got married at 24. Her husband was not the girl’s first sexual partner, writes.

When the husband confessed he was upset about her losing her virginity before the wedding and with another man, Natalia decided to make things up for him.

To celebrate their first year together as a married couple, she went to a plastic surgery clinic and had a hymenoplasty operation.

The husband was so delighted with the present, that a year later Natalia wanted to give that joy to him again. And the next year, and the year after that.

That’s a repeat three-peat of Virginity!  This chick is like the New England Patriots of Virginity.  When the NFL is filled with parity, the Patriots somehow find away to string together a Dynasty of 3 Super Bowls.

Likewise, Natalia K. lives in an era of promiscuity and slutiness, yet shes able to win her V-card back-to-back-back-to-back-back-to-back.

PS Natalia, this doesn’t actually make you a virgin again

For Sure NOT Restore Virginity 6 Times


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2 Responses to Introducing the 6 time Virgin

  1. mugsy says:

    3 more and she gets the 10th on the house.

  2. a351 says:

    I find this “abmantic” – absurd&romantic 🙂

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