Change Has Come…to FSN


Aw shit…FSN isn’t a dumpy piece of shit anymore!  Huge shout out to WeeW for designing the new FSN logo, and as always respect to my man C Han for his interwebs prowess.

It will be the same old smut here at FSN, just with a new look.  Kinda like when you run into a chick who was a big slut in high school, but  tries to act like shes a legitimate girl now that she’s older.  Sure, she looks a little more put together, probably has a job and a nice apartment.  Hell, maybe she even suckered some dude into dating her.  But underneath the hood its the same girl who was giving it up at house parties.

Anyway, I digress.  Couple enhancements that I hope will make things a little easier for FSN Nation.  Over on the right hand side, there are several Categories of content.  Anything deemed “FSN” is general bullshit.  From now on all ROY’s, Throwbacks, and G Chats will be specifically categorized, so you can click on those categories to go right to FSN Original Content.  (You like that? FSN Original’s?  I feel like its when TBS and TNT make horrific sitcoms and dramas and bill them up as quality Originals)

Also underneath that is FSN Nation, where you can see the latest comments being left by FSN readers.

Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated and encouraged.  Email

For Sure Change Has Come


12 Responses to Change Has Come…to FSN

  1. crack says:

    I hate change.

  2. Randy Marsh says:


  3. getmoneygetpaid says:

    dope..i like it

  4. cmac says:

    what the f is this and wheres the website?

  5. fitzy says:

    I fear change and this looks much too professional for a smut-peddling website.

  6. weew31 says:

    i bet blind guys dont complain about getting pussy – its not the looks of the vag but rather the substance you get from it…and in this case…its herpes

  7. cho-kettie says:

    obama wasn’t talkin’ about YOU!

  8. Garbageman says:

    Actual headline on

    Dow gains on signs of hope

    Who know this smut-fest affected consumer confidence?!

  9. Kovach says:

    I’d be lying if I said I won’t miss the days when the FSN website looked like it was made about the same time the SSR books were published.

  10. Doctah says:

    For Sure gonna start taking more money from Americans that actually work?

  11. chaunce says:

    hey, love the table cloths next to everyone’s comment – very mantastic.

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