This Seems Fair


MIAMI (AP) — Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth took full responsibility for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk in Florida and began serving a 30-day jail sentence Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter.


Days.  24 hour periods.  Not years.  Not even MONTHS.

Now I don’t think Stallworth is some sort of cold blooded murderer.  He drove after drinking too much, which is lame. But after hitting a dude crossing the middle of the road, he called the police immediately, took full responsibility, and did everything he was supposed to throughout the unfortunate tragedy.

All that being said, the fat dude on Survivor did FOUR YEARS for tax evasion on his game show winnings.


So Donte Stallworth ends a life, and goes to jail for like 4 weeks.  Richard Hatch evades taxes on a $1M prize and gets 51 Months.  Sounds about right.


But, I’m sure Donte Stallworth paid the FUCK out of the victim’s family, so in that case good for him.

Snake It Til You Make It


~ Shout out to the Garbageman


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