What do a former district attorney, a quadriplegic on a respirator with use of only one finger, and the leader of a high-class prostitution ring that allegedly transported women across state lines for illicit trysts with dozens of well-off Minnesota family men, have in common?

They are, according to police, all the same man

From his home computer, John St. Marie, 65, and wheelchair bound since contracting polio as a boy, allegedly organized a prostitution ring, which police say, catered to over 30 Minneapolis men. St. Marie is alleged to have arranged travel for out-of-state call girls, some of whom may have been in the U.S. illegally, and oversaw an online community in which the men could “brag about their exploits” and share information about prostitutes to whom they had paid hundreds of dollars, police said.

Now this is what I call perserverance!

Do you think that when little John St. Marie contracted polio as a boy, he listened to all the naysayers?  Do you think he let it get him down when little boys on the playground said “you’ll never be a district attorney/high class prostitution mastermind POLIO BOY!”?

Did he let it ruin his dreams when they yelled “You don’t have any use of your ARMS OR LEGS, POLIO BOY!  How can you expect your Pimp Hand to be strong enough when you can even smack your hoes!”




John St. Marie embodies the American Spirit.  The very essence of determination and persistence that all your favorite movies are made of.  John St. Marie is like the Rocky of District Attorney Pimps.

When everyone else said he couldn’t, John St. Marie used his Stephen Hawking voice box thing by moving his one remaining deformed finger to say “YES. I. CAN.”

For SURE Quadriplegic District Attorney Prostitution Mastermind


~ Shout out to C Mac for the link


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