Let me start by saying that Joe Buck Live was absolutely awful.  It was like a horrendous cross of Real Sports, Jay Leno, and The Daily Show.

It was only supposed to be a 4-time-a-year show, and it had a 1% chance of ever making it all 4 episdoes.

Then they decided on their first episode it would be best to allow fat drunk Artie Lang to be a guest on live television.

Once he said that Joe Buck’s favorite website was “suckingcock.com,” I’m pretty sure we can rest assured that Joe Buck Live officially had a 0% chance of lasting.

it was a fucking TRAINWRECK.  Joe Buck tried to keep his composure as Artie Lang destroyed his television talk show debut.  He RAMBLED incoherently about Joe Buck’s dad, yapped about hating gays and Tony “Homo” and, said he would pull a hamstring masturbating after the show.

Buck signed off his show “Thanks to all my guests, even the one who ruined my show on the very first shot.”

Ordinarily I’d say that its a good thing because more people will now be talking about Joe Buck Live than if things had gone smoothly.  But the reality of the matter is even if they do get publicity from Artie Lang, the show sucked so bad when things did go smooth that its fucked either way.

For Sure NOT Invite Artie Lang On To Live Television


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