Alright, lets start off by saying I know the Mets got beatdown 15-0 Sunday, and Castillo’s pop up handed a victory to the Yankees on Friday.

But neither of those events were as embarassing as Brian Bruney’s dumpy ass running his multh about K Rod’s “blown save”

“Couldn’t have happened to a better guy on the mound, either,” said Bruney, referring to the Mets’ closer, as he spoke in Trenton. “He’s got a tired act.”

Bruney also said that he did not like “watching the guy pitch” and called Rodriguez “embarrassing.”

Gotta love a dumpster talking shit at Double A Ball, then realizing just how big of a douche he was being:

“Obviously, I probably shouldn’t have said what I said. I made that mistake and I’ve learned from it.”

For Sure NOT Run Your Mouth When You Look Like Donkey Lips From Salute Your Shorts


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