Before going out with my girlfriend I was kind of obsessed with her. I took pictures I had of her and scanned them into a japanese program that creates a 3d model of her which you can then ummmm… have your way with. Ahem. I made about 50 different videos with this software, most of them were of her making love and performing oral sex on a 3d model of myself, and sometimes multiple versions of me. Others involved machines….you get the idea.

I eventually worked up the courage to talk to her and we ended up hitting it off and are now a couple, the problem is that she used my computer and ended up finding the vids even though they were buried inside multiple folders. Of course she was pretty freaked out, especially since the titles of the vids were needlessly crude on my part. She said she had to leave and needs some time alone.
If the program had options for making cuddling on the couch and walking through a park while holding hands videos there would have been far more of those, I hope she doesnt think that I view her as some kind of sexual object because I truly do love her

How can I smooth this over with her?

Blog of Hilarity posted this earlier and a few FSN Nation Members have sent this to me as well.

There’s about a million directions you can go with this one, but I think Gretie24’s response in the comments section of Yahoo! Answers sums it up best:

Yeah u probly won’t be able to smooth that over.




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