FSN Throwback of the Day

Throwback of the Day – POGs

Let me set the scene…the year was about 1994-1995.  I was wearing a No Fear hat with an And 1 shirt that said something to the effect of “Call me the bus driver, cuz I’m gonna take you to school.”  I was listening to “When I Come Around” by Green Day off the Dookie album on my discman, when I strolled up with a black canister in my hand.

That canister was filled with 50 of the most baddass fucking POGs you have ever seen, 49 of which probably had some variation of an “8 Ball” as the picture.

FS 8 Ball

I found some clown ass who wanted a piece of my POG collection.  He had one of those round rubber mats laid out.  It was on.

So he stacked them up, and I whipped my metal Skull Slammer

FS Slammer

And before this pansy could declare we weren’t playing for keeps, I ROCKED his stack, flipped his shit, and walked off with half his fucking collection.

Poor bastard didn’t know that there weren’t actually any rules to this game, it was all about throwing a piece of metal as hard as you can, intimidating the shit out of your opponent, and stealing his POGs.

Ah, the good old days, when schools hadn’t yet decided that POGs were some sort of abstract gambling and therefore needed to be banned from school grounds.

Have it your way, Mr. Principal.  Just know that you were personally responsible for breeding a school full of pussies playing with Tamagotchis.

Real men gambled with glorified Milk Caps.


100 Honor Credits to any member of FSN Nation who knows what POGs stands for without looking it up on Wikipedia


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