FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – Sarah Chalke – Roseanne – 1993

Holy Shit!  Ordinarily I’ll save a shout out till after a post but F that – Huge shout out to CD29 for one of the best Rookie of the Year picks out there.

You see, ROY is not just about being a smokeshow.  95% of the time its about being a smokeshow.  The other 5% is about picking a chick who NOBODY remembers as being hot.  To this day, the best one is Shawna Waldron, a.k.a. Ice Box.  But Sarah Chalke is right up there at the top of the for her role as Becky Conner-Healy on Roseanne.  Cuz this ROY is like a fucking onion.  For Sure Has Layers.

First off, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone pin Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy on Roseanne.  This is partly cuz Roseanne was the most God awful show of all time.  It was a comedic ghetto, devoid of anything appealing or funny.

Secondly, don’t be confused by Becky #1.  Sarah Chalke played the second Becky on Roseanne.  Becky #1, Lecy Goranson, looked like this:

FSN Dr. Elliot

But that is FSN Sarah Chalke, even though they look goddam identical younger/older versions of each other.

FS Becky #1 and #2

Finally, Sarah Chalke’s role as Dr. Elliot on Scrubs is one of the most contested, debatable FS, FSN, or SS Situations out there.

Most guys out there aren’t gonna call her an SS.  But that’s mostly cuz shes a goofy character on a comedy who they make look like this:

FS Dr. Elliot

But she can also look like this:

FS Dr. Elliot

Bottom line though…nobody remembers this chick as white trash Becky.

FSN Becky.

FS Dr. Elliot.

~ Shout out to CD29.  Send all ROY submissions and any other FSN content to 4surenot@gmail.com


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