Here is a PHENOMENAL promo at Norm’s somewhere up in the Seattle area.

Right now, Beltre is batting a cool .246, so Happy Hour at Norm’s is a fantastic spot to be with $2.46 beers.

I always thought a bar should do a promo where the cost of your beer is your BAC level, starting once you pass the legal limit of .10.

So the bartender hands you a breathalyzer, you blow a .10 and you’re drinking dollar beers.  The price actually goes up as you get drunker, but you’re still looking at a $1 or $2 beer in most situations.  Once you’re pushing a $3 or $4 beer you’re probably gonna die, so…yea on second thought lets just keep to the promos to batting average and shit like that

For Sure Adrian Beltre Gets You Cheap Beer


~ Shout out to BC for the link


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