A secret sect of kung fu assassins could have silenced actor David Carradine as he delved into their shadowy activities, according to his family’s lawyer.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – If you’re going to investigate the cloak and dagger world of underground Ninja Rings, you have to be prepared to get murdered and set up to make it look like an intense jerk off session.

But I’m not entirely sold on this story yet.  This dude does sound like a complete kink-show in the bedroom

He had been accused of being a fan of “potentially deadly” kinky sex acts in divorce papers Anderson filed against him in 2003.

When chicks are divorcing you because they don’t WANT TO DIE in the sack, you must be into some FREAKY shit.

But, Ninjas are too crafty to accidentally kill themselves while trying to get a nut.  I mean they can scale walls and use nunchucks and fly and shit, but they can’t properly choke themselves out while J’ing it? FSN.

I still haven’t made my decision, but lets just say I’m REALLY hoping there is more to the surreptitious Ninja clans.

For Sure Surreptitious Ninja Clans

~ Shout out to the Garbagman for the link


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