Jose Reyes tears his hamstring, most likely ruining the Mets season.  So I wake up this morning ready to KM.  I was thinking about lying down in front of a bus, but then I remembered lying down in front of shit doesn’t always work

So I decided to go with the old Shoot Yourself in the Head.  I’m a Dead Man Walking, strolling down my own Death Row, when low and behold, a text message from the one and only J Love.


FSFBA!  Only one sort of text can stay an execution, and that’s a text about f’ing an Asian.


“Shackleton the fuck out some antarctic bitch”!!!!  I don’t even know what Shackleton means! Its like an intervention from God himself!

So, I’ve put down the gun for now.  At least until I figure out what Shackleton means.

That’s what friends are for.

For Sure That’s What Friends Are For


*PS – Anyone who completes the World Tour is a Cocksman.  Especially on each Continent


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