People need to respect the fact that this is the Lakers THIRTIETH appearance in the NBA Finals.

And we’re not talking about Major League Baseball here, which has been around for 590 years.  This started in 1962.

They made the Finals 30 times in 62 years.  Thats absurd.

Their longest drought of not making the Finals came recently, when they went 8 years without representing the Western Conference from 1992-1999.  They had one other dry spell from 1974-1979, but other than that went no more than 4 years without making an appearance.

And what’s really sickening is that they don’t even have the most Titles.  Boston holds that record with 17. And they’ve only appeared in the Finals 20 times!

The Lakers have made it 48% of the time, and in those appaearnces have won 46%.  The Celtics have made it 32% of the time, and in their appearances have won EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of the time.

Together they combine for exactly half of the NBA Titles ever won.

For Sure Ridiculous

~ Shout out to MV for some of these figures


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