…is so stupid, she got a court order to have her kids taken away for her!


(June 2) – A single mom deemed “too stupid” to raise her own child is waging a last-ditch battle to keep her 3-year-old daughter from being adopted by another family.

The Times said Rachel’s IQ had been assessed at 71 and she was categorized as “borderline,” one level below low-average intelligence. The IQ of an “average” adult is between 90 and 109. Someone with Down syndrome would have an IQ of 50 to 60.

Solid work by the English Courts on this one.  Psychologists and shit are like “she’s not disabled, is aware of her surroundings, can read and write.  She’s just a little dumb”

And the courts are like “yeaaaaaa, but, she’s almost as dumb as a retard.”

And then I bet they mess with her and the judge is like “I have reached a verdict.  Rachel, you may keep your daughter….FOR SURE NOT!!!!”  HAHAHAHA you IDIOT.  You didn’t really think we were gonna let some ‘tard raise a baby, did you??”

For Sure NOT Raise Kids If You Are Borderline Retarded

~ Shout out to the Big Dichotomy aka The Big Care Package for the link


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