www.ManCrush.com – Rank Every Man In History

Here’s a phenomenal website to pass the time today.  I can’t see all the rankings cuz the page is partially blocked by my employer because it’s “tasteless”

Ironic, considering I run smut from the very same computer.

Anyway, I digress.  Some of the rankings of note:

#1 Jesus Christ.  A full 17 spots ahead of his father, #18 God.

Edward Norton is ridiculously ranked #3, which makes no sense at all.

3rd to Last is Bill Lumburgh

Joseph Addai is currently regarded as the 52nd Greatest Man of All Time, right in front of the unknown “Tank Man,” Hero of the Tieanamen Square Massacre.

My vote for the Greatest Man of All Time?

For SURE Nate Dogg



For Sure Nate Dogg

~ Shout out to BC for the link


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