So what’s the world’s toughest golf tournament? Take your Augustas and your Bethpages and pack ‘em away, friend, because we’ve found the most difficult golf tournament on the planet: courtesy of the AP, we present the Elfego Baca Shootout.

Held in Socorro, New Mexico, the tournament consists of exactly one hole, and the target is a 50-foot circle. Easy, right? Not so fast. The tee to that hole is 2,550 feet up the side of a mountain, and nearly three miles from the green.

You’re allowed ten balls, and must finish with at least one of those. If you can’t find one of your balls in 20 minutes, it’s a stroke. You can tee up every single shot because the terrain is so rugged. You’re even allowed three spotters to watch where the heck your ball goes.

And they’ll have plenty to see. Hazards include abandoned mine shafts, remote canyons, rattlesnakes, mountain lions and much more. No need to take a full bag; many golfers get by with only a driver and a five-iron.

Golf purists will probably say this is stupid.  But thats cuz golf purists are gay.  This is like Golf’s version of Slamball, and I for one would like to see that dude who golfed in his tighty whities take on mine shafts and rattlesnakes and shit.

Oh, and the course record? Nine strokes to cover three miles. Beat that, Tiger.

I’m pretty sure Tiger probably would beat that.

For Sure Elfego Baca Shootout


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