PORTSMOUTH — A local man was arrested for the 153rd time on Sunday — only a week after he finished serving a one-year jail term for stealing a $1.99 can of beer.

Paul Baldwin — described by police as a “leech on the resources of the community” — is back in Rockingham County House of Corrections and facing three new charges.

Baldwin, 49, with no permanent address, appeared in Portsmouth District Court on Monday to face a Class A misdemeanor simple assault charge alleging he struck a man in the face in Market Square over the weekend.

During previous court hearings, Portsmouth police said Baldwin’s criminal record and interactions with police date back to 1984 and include 152 arrests, eight trespass orders, 75 citations, four different Social Security aliases and 17 different name aliases.

Ah, the old “153 Strikes and You’re Out Rule”

New Hampshirt really ruling with an Iron Fist on this one.  I can see the judge now: “Once, twice, maybe 152 times, but this 153rd arrest is simply unnacceptable.”

Best part of the article is:

“I have no problem with drugs, it’s just the drinking,” Baldwin said.

Never did I think I’d have so much in common with a man who’s been arrested 153 times.

For Sure Leech of Resources of the Community



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