This is Alexa Chung.  And she is going to be the new face of MTV after they overhaul and re-brand the entire network.

Good work, MTV.

For Sure NOT.

The 25-year-old is relatively unknown stateside — except for photographs of her in cute outfits in fashion glossies. But it’s her too-cool-to-care attitude that impressed MTV executives when searching for the host of the most important of the network’s nine new shows aimed at the millennial generation — you know, kids whose fleeting attention is sprinkled over multiple iChat and Facebook conversations via their iPhones.

Yes, thats it! Lets get a snobby too-cool ugly girl to host our TV shows.

You know what is, and always will be, more popular that social networking fads?


Go get me an SS from off the David Spade list, like Nicky Whalen

FS Nicky Whalen

For Sure NOT Alexa Chung.

For SURE Nicky Whalen


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