Stop Looking At Me, SWAN

A man grabbed a live swan by the neck and used it as a weapon to attack his opponent during an altercation by the bank of a river in Munich. Thankfully, the swan escaped unhurt.

The assailant, named only as Sebastian P., was drunk at the time and was given a two-year suspended sentence.

He and a friend had been drinking on the bank of the river Isar in Munich when they spotted Steven L., a tourist from the eastern German state of Brandenburg, and chose to take offense at the man’s eastern accent.

They hurled abuse at him, shouting: “Piss off you eastern pig, they should rebuild the Wall right up to the sky because of you.”

After they had finished using the swan to hit the easterner, they went on to hurl bottles and even a barbecue filled with red-hot coals at their victim, who managed to escape with minor injuries.

Gotta love these animal cruelty hippies who write up this article focusing on concern for the goddam swan.

Go on to read the rest of the article and you’ll find out it was a racial brawl that included throwing an entire barbeque full of hot coals at one of the victims, but yea lets make sure the bird is ok.  Fuck that.

Where I come from in the streets, if someone tells you that they wished a physical barrier separating the Democratic and Soviet sectors of a city was erected again because of me, well – thats an assault on my character.  Anything within arms length is fair game to use at a weapon.  Bottles, hot coals, and, yes, large majestic birds.

For Sure Use Swan As Club During Ethnic Dispute


~ Shout out to the Big Spartacus for the link

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