In Patpong, one of Bangkok’s most notorious red light districts, go-go girls count their livelihood by the number of sex tourists they entertain. “Three inches, three minutes, three thousand baht ($87),” laughs Goy, a 25-year old bargirl. Last summer, she and her fellow pole dancers at the Camelot Castle entertained scores of men every night — first in the bar, where they earn a monthly salary, then at the customer’s hotel, where they negotiate their own rates. But as cash-strapped tourists have turned their backs on Thailand — tourism officials say revenues will plunge 35% this year — the ranks of men cruising Patpong have thinned dramatically.

Well, they say its hard out there for a pimp, but extra hard for these hos.

Just how far will the Recession reach?  First, the demise of several long standing financial institutions, now the collapse of the THAI HOOKER INDUSTRY!?

It was a sector they said was insulated.  Virtually Recession Proof.

I mean just look at the stock of Thai Hookers once the Pearl Harbor memories faded and thinking Asians were sexy became en vogue:

For Sure Thai Hookers

It was a Blue Chip industry for decades.  Now all the sudden you get a few defaults here, a few defaults there, and the next thing you know hookers are only getting F’d three times a nite.  Just THREE!

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom in the media these days about where the global economy is headed, but after seeing Thai Prositution take a hit, I assure you Nation, we are headed nowhere fast.

But does that mean whores are giving up? FUCK no!

The world’s oldest profession isn’t about to take the recession lying down. Brothels and bathhouses have launched promotions — including free shuttle buses, senior citizen discounts and day passes — in a bid to arouse interest among wary spenders. “You have to offer better service these days and special packages,” says Karin Ahrens, manager at Yes Sir! in Hanover, where revenues have fallen by 30% since the recession hit Germany. As part of a new deal, customers there pay $111 to have as much sex as they want (or can) for one hour. At Geizhaus, recent promotions allowed guests to have sex for free on Halloween and Easter if they wore a costume or brought in a decorated egg. And Berlin’s Pussy Club charges guests a $98 flat rate for six hours of unlimited sex, access to a sauna and solarium, and an all-you-can eat buffet.

I can PROMISE you that if I was a 65 year old senior citizen in these countries, I’d hop off that shuttle bus in an Easter Bunny Costume with the Decorated Egg on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter with $111 and my senior citizen I.D. in one hand and a knife and fork for the buffet in another.

Warren Buffet says “Cash combined with courage in a crisis is priceless”

I say “Cash combined with a decorated easter egg at the right time of year is free sex.”

People should buy stock in FSN now.

For Sure Thai Hookers

~ Shout out to TIMMAY for the hookers link


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