Welcome back, Nation!.  After a boozefest weekend, we’re ready to roll onto the Sweet 16 of the FSN Cartoon Smokeshow Tournament 2009.

The Hanna Region:

#1. Jessica Rabbit



#4 Daria’s Sister


Quinn is a hot little sex kitten.  Especially here in her ponytail look.

But never send a girl to do a woman’s (blow) job.  Jessica Rabbit pretty much does sexy for a living.

I hate to see Quinn go, but she just can’t compete with J Rabbit’s cabaret routine.

Jessica Rabbit – an Elite Cartoon SS.

#3 Hello Nurse

FS, Hi


#10 Jane

FS Jane

SERIOUS matchup right here.  The Tall Lean Brunette vs. The Voluptuous Blond.  Disney Motion Picture vs. Warner Bros. TV Cartoon.  It’s got everything you want.

Jane has a serious trashy hot thing going on once she starts rocking the loincloth and living like Tarzan.  But, she also becomes a She-Savage in the process.  Hello Nurse, on the other hand, She has several PHD’s, Speaks fluent japanese, And her shoes will always match with her purse.

Not really a big buyer of Ape Man’s sloppy seconds. He’s only one step above the Beast. I mean, does the look on Jane’s face in this pic say “Oh, Ape Man Tarzan takes it easy on me when shit goes down and I’m bent over inside a cave”? For Sure NOT.

and Hello Nurse wants to do nothing but take care of me physically.  Leave Jane in the jungle and take Hello Nurse to the Elite 8.


Over to the Minnie Mouse Region

#1. Jasmine

FS Jaz


#4 Linka

FS Linka

Linka is a pretty sexy blond.  And she blows.  Get it?  She’s “Wind.”  Get it now?

But lets be honest – Jasmine is an exotic princess for God’s sake.  She’s the type of chick you try to drop a seed in and cash in on that Sultan’s fortune.

I’m gettin A-Rab money! I’m gettin A-Rab money!

Jasmine to the Elite 8

#3. Wonder Woman

For Sure Wonder


#2 Tinkerbell

FS Tink

Goddam I just can’t get enough of this bitch’s attitude!

Tinkerbell is the type who will act like a total bitch and pretend she’s a cocktease and not give it up.  And then the moment you’re like fine, fuck it, she’ll be all up on your shit.

By the way, my safe word with Tinkerbell is “Mr. Smee.”  The moment I saw her take out a Hook i was like “MR. FUCKING SMEEEE!”

Tinkerbell with a blow out in the Sweet 16.

J Rabbit, Hello Nurse, Jasmine, Tinkerbell on to the Elite 8


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