(CNN)A passerby pushed a would-be suicide jumper off a bridge in southern China because he was angry at the jumper’s “selfish activity,” Chinese media reported Saturday.

The bridge has gained a “macabre” reputation with 11 jumpers having thrown themselves off the bridge since the start of April, Xinhua said.

Traffic was held up for nearly five hours and a crowd gathered as Chen sat on the bridge, threatening to jump, Xinhua reported.

Chen wanted to kill himself because he had 2 million yuan ($294,000) in debt after a failed construction project, Xinhua reported.

Lian Jiansheng, 66, who was passing by the bridge, offered to talk Chen down, Xinhua said. Police refused, but Lian broke through the police cordon and climbed to where Chen was sitting.

Lian greeted Chen with a handshake, then pushed him off the bridge, Xinhua said.

This is what the fuck I’m talkin about!  Everyone always says that people who commit suicide are selfish because they often leave behind a husband or wife and children who need them.

But what about motorists stuck in traffic jams…what about them? I mean, over in China, the maximum you’re leaving behind is like 1 spouse and MAYBE two kids if you have the correct combination of numbers and letters on your license plates and the government allows you to reproduce.  Meanwhile, a traffic jam in China lasting for 5 hours can easily affect hundreds thousands over 1 MILLION MOTORISTS.

Well Lian Jiansheng and his bad ass Utilitarian ways does not fuck around.  “Hey Chen, why the fuck don’t you just stab yourself in the stomach with your Samurai sword?  Have a nice trip, dickhead.” (I paraphrased that last part)


For Sure Macabre Bridge

~ Shout out to C Han for the link.  Gotta love when you get submissions from readers about people pushing others of a bridge and the subject of the email reads “Definitely right up your alley…”


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