FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie(s) of the Year(s) – 1990s – Top 5 Road Rules/Real World SS’s Everyone Forgets About

5. Melinda – Real World Austin

FS Melinda

OK, so NOBODY forgot about Melinda, but shes thoroughly attractive, so I couldn’t make a list without putting her on there.  For some reason she fell for the Roid Monkey who got his face DEMOLISHED by one of the nastiest one-punches the world has ever seen from some dude in a street fight.

FSN Danny

Looks like she keeps it pretty classy when she goes out for a night on the town, too

FSN classy


4.  Jamie – Real World San Diego

FS Jamie

Jamie is one of the hottest Asians ever on MTV.  I propose that from here on out, every time Tila Tequila is given a role on a TV show or is supposed to do a photo shoot, Jamie Chung steps in. Because,

A) Tila Tequila looks like Gizmo

FS Gremlins

B) Jamie looks like this

FS J Chung

Ok.  So, they both look like Gizmo.  But, Jamie probably has 1,000 fewer STDs than Tila Tequila

3.  Lori – Real World Back to New York

FS Lori

Lori Trespicio is a gorgeous broad.  However, because she decided not to go on like 100 different MTV ChallengeDuelGuantletBattles, there isn’t much out there on the interweb.  But she’s a half Irish half Filipino S f’n S who was probably the prettiest chick ever on the Real World.

2.  Cameron – Real World San Diego

FS San Diego

Cameran was the cookie cutter Southern Belle from Anderson, South Carolina.  Absolute SS who you know is dying to do nothing more than cook, clean, and get down.  Oh, she also proclaimed she loved her vibrator on national TV and then hosted a Girls Gone Wild DVD.  Check Please.

FS Cam

1.  Mallory – Real World Paris


For SURE Smokeshow.  Mallory must be laughing at all these other trashbag Real World chicks who people think are hot like Tonya and Trischelle like “Ok girls, have fun trying to wrestle Coral and Aneesa in a pit of glass surrounded by a ring of fire trying to find a special key to solve the puzzle inside of an active volcano all in an effort to try and win like $30,000 split 14 ways.  I’m gonna go take pictures with Bar Rafaeli and Marissa Miller for SI’s Swimsuit Issue.”


Mallory also models for Abercrombie & Fitch and J Crew.  GD.

For Sure Forgotten Smokeshows

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