Minnie Mouse Round 2:

#1 Jasmine

FS Jas


#8 Chun LI


In the immortal words of the Street Fighter Narrator guy – Round 2…FIGHT!

Chun Li came to play folks.  Kinda has a sexy Geisha thing going on.  But the Asian Appeal gets TROUNCED by Jasmine’s “I’m an Arabian Concubine in your Harem” sort of vibe.

Another #1 on to the Sweet 16.

#5 Betty Rubble

FS Rubble


#4 Linka (aka Wind, Captain Planet)

FS Linka

Listen, I’m a follower.  If everyone else is Going Green, than so am I.  Linka’s Carbon Footprint is MINISCULE.  In addition, she mixes up her W’s and V’s cuz shes German, or Austrian or Japanese or some shit, and I happen to think thats hot.

Betty Rubble is wife material.  The mother of your kids sorta shit.  She’s not “I wanna bang you while you scream about the environment” material like Linka is.

Linka – How sweet it is.

#6 Luanne Platter

FS Luanne


#3 Wonder Woman


Luanne Platter shocked FSN Nation with her first round victory over Helen Parr.  See to me, Luanne Platter is just like Britney Spears after she went off the deep end.  Running around barefoot drinkin and down for anything.

Wonder Woman just destroys her with sexiness though.  Ridiculous get-up, blue hair, and just a heroic performance in the bedroom

Wonder Woman – Sweet 16.

#10 Liane Cartman

FSN Cartman


#2 Tinkerbell

FS Tink

BAM!  Look at that ass.  Gotta love this narcissistic bitch checking herself out.  GD shes an SS.

Easy W over Cartman’s mom, who’s first round matchup was so dumpy it wasn’t even televised (aka I forgot about her vs. Collete.  Game sucked anyway.  Its hard to field 64 fucking cartoons so lay off me)


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