Betty Boop Region – Final Games of round 2

#1 Ariel


#8 Rogue

This was a beatdown.  Like not even close.  Ariel was resting her starters 2 minutes into the second half, gearing up for Megara or Erin Esurance.

#12 Megara


#4 Erin Esurance

Erin Esurance broke out the SEXY outfit after realizing Megara had a ton of momentum after her first round upset.

Sexy leather zip up with a pink hair – FFFFFFF SSSSSSSSS.

But people need to respect the fact that Megara is a DIME PIECE.  Look at her turn Hercules into a little bitch with her flirting:

I mean seriously Megara can’t be stopped.  This matchup was like Kansas and UNC in the Final Four Last year.  Megara came out FIRING and despite Erin E’s comeback, this shit was done 15 minutes in.

#11 Wilma Flintstone


#Judy Jetson

Somewhere, Hanna and Barbera are rubbing one out over this matchup.

Prehistoric Housewife Vs. Futuristic Teeny Bopper – shit is EPIC.

Wilma rides off into the sunset on this one – It will be the last Smokeshow Tourney of her career.  A solid SS Performance from a classy lady, but the younger sexier Judy takes the W.  Go home to Fred with your head held up high, Wilma. ::Slow Clap honoring Wilma’s Career::

#7 Cinderella


#2 Lara Croft

Well, Cindy, the clock struck Midnight.  Your carriage just turned back into a pumpkin.

You had a shot when the Prince came looking for the girl who fit the glass slipper, until he saw Lara Croft and said “Fuck the girl who wears glass shoes I’m gonna bang this SS!”

Lara Croft rounds out the last of the Sweet 16.

The Sweet 16 is set for the FSN Cartoon Smokeshow Tournament.


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