Well, Nation, the past couple weeks I’ve been doing a post called FSN SSR, which looks at picture books I created in the second grade.

Now, you may think this picture here is another example of artwork done by myself or someone else back when they were 7 or 8 years old.

But no.  This picture was drawn by a 23 year old girl.

Some of you may know her as “Choot,” an FSN Nation member who frequents the comments section.  I know her as miSS Chuto, my better half.

I will give 100 Honor Credits to any FSN member who can tell me what the fuck this is a picture of.

A little background info – This picture was given in order to describe the gift which she got for a recent college graduate.  Bear in mind, I knew what the present was, and I still couldn’t guess what the fuck this was.

Leave guesses in the comments section and check back later in the day for the answer.

For Sure NOT A Good Picture

** Update:  100 Honor Credits to my girl cuttinomobley for being the first member of FSN Nation to correctly decipher this abstract nightmare – The gift was tickets to the Mets Yankees subway series in June.

the Roller-Blade Trolley thing is a subway, the drum with an orange flag floating in the sky is citi field, and the blue floating drum is yankee stadium.  aaaaaand, then there was also a castle.

For Sure Mysterious Castle


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