(Oh shit son FSN getting all cultured up in this piece.  Venus de Milo AND some fat chick by Fernando Boltero)

With more people becoming obese, it would stand to reason attitudes toward obese people should be getting more tolerant. But a major new study shows the opposite is true.

Yale University scientists who searched through medical studies on weight bias published between January 2000 and May 2008 found:

More than half of 620 doctors surveyed view obese patients as “awkward,” “unattractive,” “ugly” and “non-compliant.” A third went further, painting the obese as weak-willed, sloppy and lazy. Even dietitians, personal trainers and doctors who specialize in treating obesity exhibit fat phobia.

College students asked to rank pictures of hypothetical sexual partners that included an obese partner or partners with various disabilities — including missing an arm or described as having history of sexually transmitted diseases — ranked the obese person as the least desirable sexual partner compared to the others.

Oh my god.  When I read that fat people were being described as “non-compliant” I absolutely lost it.

“Dude I can’t believe you F’d that non-compliant chick at the bar.”

“Lose some weight you non-compliant fuck”

I mean, listen, you want people to like you?  Don’t be fat.  Get surgery or something.  But all that being said, these college students who are picking armless bitches over fat ones need to stop kidding themselves.

Now I know, after you F a fatty, you walk around campus with a Scarlet Letter. (GD more knowledge up in this post) But, its a FAR cry from having sex with an armless freak. Thats the kinda shit that gets you shunned all together.

Now try and argue this if you want, but what it boils down to is this:

If an armless chick hears that you banged a heavy girl, she’s not hesitating ONE SECOND.  If shes about to get some D, shes happy.  Now, if a heavy set chick hears that you slept with an armless chick, she is MOST CERTAINLY going to hesitate thinking “do i really wanna get some armless chicks sloppy seconds?”  Even non-compliant chicks think people missing limbs are a big FSN.

Case closed.

So, tell the Yale Students who’d rather F disease ridden amputees to keep it up, and they’ll be begging for a Big Beautiful Woman in no time.


~ Shout out to D Moh for the link


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