FSN Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year – Kaley Cuoco – 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter – 2002

I just don’t know on this one, folks.  Is this chick an SS?  I mean listen obviously she’s a good lookin girl.  But does she get the SS tag?

Sometimes I see pictures like this:


aaand I’m like “FSN.”  She looks like an ostrich.

Then I see a pic like this:

For SURE Smokeshow

And its one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen.  FSSS.

Ah, the Old Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Smokeshow.  I’ve see it a thousand times. We got a Two-Face on our hands folks.

Luckily for Kaley, she is a big time benefactor of the Ugly Friend Factor.  On 8 Simple Rules, she was the “Teenage Daughter” for which the aforementioned 8 Rules had been laid out by the late great John Ritter.  The other daughter looked like this:

FSN Ginger

A Ginger is an automatic +1 for anyone’s UFF Score.  Its a rule.

Now, on the Big Bang Theory, the other girls who star in the show with her look like this:

FSN Big Bang Theory

I’d say that two dudes in tighty whiteys is and those FANTASTIC old school white tube socks with the red and blue stripes are worthy of another +1.

In total, I’d say Ostrich Kaley is a 6, with 2 additional points from the UFF, pulling her score to a solid 8.

Smokeshow Kaley like the black bikini pic is just most certainly an FSSS, with no assistance from any scale necessary.

For Sure Kaley Cuoco?  Or For Sure NOT? That is the question.


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