A Texas mother of twins got the shock of her life when doctors revealed that her 11-month-old boys do not have the same father.

Mia Washington decided to get some expert advice when she and her partner noticed that twins Justin and Jordan had different facial features.

Paternity tests then revealed what had happened — two eggs had been fertilized by two different sperm and there was a 99.99% chance the twins had different dads.

Doctors at the DNA lab in Dallas, Texas had never seen such a result.

Washington later admitted she had had an affair and got pregnant by two different men at the same time.

Holyyyyyyyyy Shit.  Somewhere out there, a Maury Povich producer is seeing dollar signs.

Can you IMAGINE a You Are/You Are Not the Father Episode with this circus act?

Maury would be like, Naytwan, you are………The Father.

And then the other dude on stage, we’ll call him La’Prell, will start crip walking and Stomping the Yard, thinking he is off the hook.

Then Maury will be like whoa whoa whoa La’Prell, you are the Father too.  And then the Mother will start “dropping it” as if it were hot, screaming about how she now gets double child support from two dudes.

This takes sluttiness to a new level.  When you have sex so frequently with so many different partners that the biological window for getting impregnated is still open for anyone to swim through after one swimmer has already reach the finish line, you are a DUMPTRUCK.

I’ll tell you what though, its a sad day for all mankind out there.  I mean, Double Pregnant?  That shit is supposed to be impossible.  What’s next, 2+2 = 5?

For Sure NOT Double Pregnant

~ Shout out to Derm for the link


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