A much ballyhooed sex theme park in China is under the wrecking ball — and it never even opened. Photos of Love Land circulated widely on the Web over the weekend and might have embarrassed Chinese officials

First thing’s first – RESPECT to the writer of this article who managed to work “ballyhooed” into the caption for the photos accompanying the writing.  FS Ballyhooed.

Now, let’s get down to business:


Gotta love the persistence of the people who developed this fuckin place.  I’m pretty sure in China you aren’t even allowed to use Google. And if you wanna have kids your license plate needs to start with certain letters and all sorts of weird shit like that.  But these fuckin guys thought there were gonna make a giant Fuck Park.  FSN.

FSN Giant Dick

Imagine being this dude?  Can you IMAGINE how much fun his ninja friends are having with this?  I bet there is an email chain with his crew at work going around right now making fun of the fact that he’s been imortalized FOREVER with a giant dick on his shoulder.

For Sure NOT Love Land

~ Shout out to C Mac for the link.  Mac needs new Memorial Day plans now that Love Land has been shut down.  Any thoughts?


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