Look at this poor little fucker.  Dude basically has his big brother sitting on top of him.

I wonder if they just throw this kid in the trunk of the car for family trips.  Maybe if he behaves they will let him out of the cellar and let him sleep above ground at night too.  Christ.

When I have kids I’m going RIGHT to the leash:


This way, there is no top stroller-bottom stroller conflict.  My entire litter will all be on leashes, which all lead back to their Master (i.e. Me) and this way they will all remember they are inferior.

Check out THIS DUDE, who not only is a white middle aged with a small black child tethered to him, but he is straight up using like a DOG leash, not even one of the leashes intended for human use.

Gramps is just walkin around on the cell like “Hey Bill…yea I’m at Disney World….No of course I’m not by myself Bill I brought my slave with me.”

Plus, that little black kid is like 10 years old.

For Sure NOT Put 10 Year Olds On Dog Leashes



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