From Duke point guard to Syracuse quarterback. That’s the unprecedented career path that Greg Paulus has decided to travel.

Paulus announced Thursday morning that he would return to his hometown of Syracuse to play football after four years of basketball with the Blue Devils. He said he called new Orange coach Doug Marrone on Thursday morning to notify him of his decision.

Because Paulus did not redshirt and he completed his degree at Duke in four years, he can go to graduate school elsewhere and compete right away in football if he is granted a waiver. Paulus said he plans to drive back to Syracuse in the coming days to deal with the necessary paperwork.

Congratulations, Syracuse!  Personally, I thought Paulus should have transferred to FSKY University.

Paulus really is remarkable.  Never has anyone been so remarkably mediocre at so many things.

Now, one member of FSN Nation has noted that I should not criticize because I was never being recruited for multiple sports like Paulus was.  Well, I stick to what I am good at:

1. Drinking and the occasional hot streak in beer pong

2. Judging and mocking people under the veil of internet anonymity

And this clearly falls under category #2.

Greg Paulus,



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