Everyone needs to shut the fuck up.

Should Megan Fox have been Maxim’s #1 on their list?  Yes.

Kevin Garnett shoud have also won the MVP pretty much every time Duncan and Nash won, too.  Doesn’t mean that he’s not a smokeshow.

Wait, what?  I’m getting ahead of myself.

People are acting like Olivia Wilde is some sort of leper.  Acting like its some sort of TRAGEDY that she was on top of the list.

Yea, that makes sense, cuz she looks nothing like Megan Fox:



Olivia Wilde is 20,000% a bonafide smokeshow.  I’ve been on board with her ever since she played Jenny Reilly on The Black Donnelly’s and shes only gotten hotter since.

Let’s run down a list of some of the characters she has played:

1. Alex from The OC


Here’s a video of here making out with a chick – Olivia Wilde Makes Out With Mischa Barton Soaking Wet. Get Wet Stay Wet.

2. Angela Alpha Dog

FSN Alpha Dog, FS O Wilde

Here’s a video of her giving some dude head and dying to get F’d (Not Safe For Work, Unless You Work At A Porn Studio, Then It’s Safe. FSNSFWUYWAAPS,TISFW)

3. Thirteen on House


Here’s a video of her as a doctor having sex with another girl

Is anybody seeing a theme yet?  Anyone?

Like I said, Megan Fox, FS #1.  Olivia Wilde getting the nod from Maxim…NOT THAT CRAZY.

FS Olivia Wilde


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