ROCKFORD, Mich. – David Buth is rewarding the tree-mendous fundraising efforts of his Michigan middle school students by spending 65 hours in a perch 40 feet above ground.

It’s all part of a deal the part-time science teacher at Rockford Christian School made with the students, who earned and collected thousands of dollars for a trip this summer to Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyo.

He calls it Operation Squirrel.

Buth used ropes and pulleys on Monday to ascend a tree on school property. The Grand Rapids Press says he took along his hammock, a tarp and some other items.

On Wednesday, he’ll descend 30 or so feet to fulfill his teaching responsibilities while still in the tree.

Operation Squirrel concludes Thursday morning.

Operation Squirrel?  What a dick this guy is. Good work raising all that money, I’m gonna go live in a tree for 2 and half days!

What the shit does that mean?

I can’t even imagine what I would do if my High School teachers tried to teach one of my classes dangling 15 feet in the air from a tree branch.

Remember when you were like 10 years old, and the teacher said you could have class outside?

It was a fucking FREE FOR ALL.  Complete anarchy erupted.  All the sudden kids are running around, rolling in the dirt, hooking up with each other in the tube slides and shit.  Fucking spectacular.

Now, take all that chaos, and add to the fact that Teacher is suspended by pulleys in a fucking tree.

For Sure NOT Operation Squirrel

~ Shout out to the Big Weez for the link


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