The Busiest Parents on TV Say the Split Rumors Aren’t True—but Confess
They’re Going Through a Rocky Time Raising Eight Kids in the Spotlight

All I keep hearing from people and interviews is “Can you believe Jon cheated on Kate?”

Now, I don’t watch this “Jon & Kate Plus Eight,” but you better F’n believe Jon cheated on Kate.

You know when the last time Jon had sex was?


When you have 8 fuckin kids, your marriage is over.  As is your life.  Plain and simple.  You’re goal is no longer to love and cherish and care for each other – Your sole purpose in life after being cursed with the terrible terrible fate of twins and sextuplets is to make sure those 8 little fuckers don’t die. That’s it.

There should be a little asterisk in the wedding vows “…till Death do you part *

and then at the bottom of the page:

* Or you poor MFers have 8 kids.  In that case, you’re both off the hook and basically have a free pass to do whatever you want to make sure you don’t KY.

It would be like an Opt Out Clause in your nuptials.

For Sure Opt Out

Update: Now the latest talk is that there is a sex tape with this Jon cat and his mistress

Two things about this:

1) Like I said, the Opt Out Clause lets you do whatever necessary to maintain sanity while raising 8 Children.  So, Jon, you wanna film yourself getting down or take pictures of yourself like Cassie and Rhianna? Have at it, brotha.

2) I really need to spice up my life if people like this Jon and Kate couple are involved in sex tape shit.

FS Spice


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