Lastings Milledge, the fellow in the black on black suit in this utterly ridiculous picture, is a floundering former superstar prospect on the Washington Nationals.

The Mets traded him to Washington, and after sucking for a while and acting like a dick the Nationals sent him down to AAA.

He is currently on the 2009 All Star Ballot.

Right now, there are rumblings throughout sports blogs and what not on the interweb to vote for Milledge and actually try to get him elected to the National League Team.  I suggest every member of FSN Nation votes the maximum 25 times for Milledge, just to see a AAA bust join the likes of Carlos Beltran and other outfield All Stars come july.

And remember, as L Millz said in his first smash hit in the rap game “Bend Your Kneees:”

“I’m the King of Bling / Came to Lay Down the Evidence / Not George Bush / L Millz be the President.”

For Sure NOT Lastings Milledge

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