What Would Tyler Durden Do has a link to topless pictures of R&B Singer Cassie from some interweb hacker who broke into her computer.

This begs the question:

Aside from Halle Berry, who’s just ridiculous even with her horrendous short hair, is Cassie the hottest black chick out there?  Shes actually a mix of Filipino and Mexican and some other shit too, but like Obama, if you’re a little black, you’re black.

Cassie.  For sure.

Other chicks in the running:

Stacy Dash:

FS Dash

Yo for all those who don’t know, this chick is OLD.  She’s 43 goddam years old.  She looks like shes 23.  She was almost 30 when she played her role as a high school teenager in Clueless.  FSSS.


FSSS Amerie

Another R&B chick who is just PREPOSTEROUSLY HOT.

Michelle Obama


M’Obama was #93 on Maxim’s Hot 100.  What the BLUCK??  FSN Smokeshow.

Stacy Dash is a total SS.  But, she is almost pushing 50, and some of her scenes in Mo’ Money with Damon Waynes gives me the impression that she’s the type who would break your dick off in bed.  I quite like where my penis is currently, so I think I cross her off the list.

That narrows the field to Amerie and Cassie, which in my book is an impossible question.  They are both smokin, and very very similar.  I simply can’t choose.

I guess that leaves me with M’Obama.  Damn.  This didn’t work out the way I thought it would.

Anyway, Nation – Who’s the hottest of the bunch?  Or is Halle Berry still donning the Hottest Black Chick crown until she’s dead?  Or is there some other African Queen I missed out there?

For Sure Johan Alexander Santana.

Yea, I know Johan has nothing to do with hot black chicks but I don’t give a fuck he is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.


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  1. […] time I posed a similar question on FSN about the hottest black chicks, I somehow ended up getting stuck with Michelle Obama.  That won’t happen this time […]

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