Manny Ramirez will be suspended 50 games for positive drug test




For Sure In Shock.

Just Manny being Manny, with a little help from the Sauce of course.

Peter Gammons is saying its not a steroid, or your traditional performance enhancing drug, just some sort of a banned substance.  But then again, Gammons blew Manny for like 8 straight years when he was a Red Sock, so that doesn’t hold too much water in my book.

Of course Manny is releasing a statement that the substance was prescribed by a doctor for a “personal medical problem.”  For Sure?  For Sure Not, probably.

But 50 games is 50 games.


Update: Apparently he tested positive for…….a female fertility drug.

FSN Get Suspended Just Cuz You’re Trying To Get Pregnant.


HCG is apparently used by long term steroid abusers, because it helps kick start your body’s testosterone production.  After juicing for so long your natual production of the hormone slows because it is so consistently recieving external testosterone.  So, that doesn’t look so good for Manny.

What a shit show.  FSSS and I ain’t talkin bout smokeshow.

~ Shout out to J Love for the info.  For more in depth Manny talk head over to Big Apple Sports


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