NEW YORK — Mets left-hander Oliver Perez will be going on the disabled list because of tendinitis in his right knee. sucking all day err day to start the season

So the Mets were too afraid of Scott Boras to send O.P. to the minors, and god knows he woulda been a disaster in the pen, so, PRESTO! a knee injury.

Add him to the list of pitchers who are sucking so much they need to make up injuries to get a two week break along with Chien Ming Wang, Dice K, and Dontrelle Willis.

I bet my employers are sitting around trying to figure how they can pull this shit with me:

Maybe if we send him home for 10 days cuz he has “swine flu symptoms” he’ll come back refocused and stop running an internet blog from his desk.

For Sure NOT.

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