Raleigh, N.C. — Local high school basketball standout John Wall, one of the nation’s top uncommitted college prospects, has been cited with breaking and entering, Raleigh police said Monday.

So this young ass retard is 6-4 and put up 21 pts 7 rebs and 9 assists again while playing for Word of God Christian Academy.

If I was ever this nasty at ANYTHING I wouldn’t do anything even remotely illegal or controversial until I cashed the fuck in.

If I’m this kid’s parents I’m going one of two routes:

A) Bubble Boy Route

For Sure NOT Bubble Boy

Keep this kid away from drugs, booze, bitches, crime and dog fighting until he’s drafted and you collect that guaranteed contract.

The day that happens, let him out of the Bubble and let him run wild.  Get wasted, do blow, and have sex with prostitues in the living room of a house you broke into while a dog fight is going on in the dining room.  Whatever, you’re still collecting that guaranteed money from the Clippers.

2. Westchester, New York Parents Route

For Sure Westchester

When I was growing up and underage drinking all day err day there was a string of cases where parents let kids booze and shit in their house so that people weren’t drunk driving or sneaking into bars.  Of course all these parents got the Good Ole’ FSN from local authorities and went to jail for like 35 years.  I may be exagerrating.

Anyway, maybe they were on to something.  What if John Wall’s parents just made their home a F’n funhouse?  I guarantee you if they had provided him with the two things every star basketball prospect loves – Weed and White Bitches – the chances of him going out that night and breaking into that house would have dropped by about 90%.

Two very different approaches with 1 main goal – CASH IN ON THIS FUCKING KID BEFORE HE INEVITABLY GOES TO JAIL.

For Sure NOT Break Into Houses When You Are The #1 Prospect In the Nation



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