Jeeeeeeesus I don’t know what’s worse The Swine Flu Hysteria or the New York Mets Doomsayers.

Right now, the Mets are three games under .500 (9-12) and 4.5 games out of first.

Last season, on June 10th the Mets were 3 games under .500 (30-33) and were 7.5 games out of first.

Eventually the Mets turned that deficit into a 4 game lead and their highwater mark of 16 games over five hundo.  Obviously we all know their pen collapsed in September.  But my point is the 2008 Mets were still in a position to win in their division after struggling like they have so far in 2009, except for the first 63 games, not just 21.

This season, David Wright is hitting to the tune of .280/.372/.390 with 1 HR, 8 RBI and 27 K.  Mets fans are ready to burn him at the stake.

Lets look back to 2007 – Through April 30th David Wright was batting .244/.340/.311 with 0 HRs, 6 RBI, and 25K.

Wright finished the 2007 season batting .325/.416/.546 with 30 HR and 107 RBI, and was considered by many the real MVP.

And then there is the cliche, go to phrase of every Mets Hater out there “Does the bullpen just not like Johan Santana?” (The Pen blew a potential Johan W Yesterday)

Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog pointed out today:

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, courtesy of, yesterday was was the eighth time since joining the Mets that Johan Santana pitched at least seven innings, gave up two runs or less, and did not get a win.

Giants RHP Matt Cain and Phillies RHP Cole Hamels have the same numbers and result since the start of 2008.

So the Phillies Bullpen, regarded as one of the most successful in baseball history in 2008, have let their ace down just as much as the Mets Pen, which is regarded as one of the dumpiest relief staffs of all time.

Obviously, none of this shit good.  Wright has struggled, the team has struggled, and the Pen (MUCH improved on the season) has struggled this past week.  But it is nothing out of the ordinary.

And quit worrying about runners left on base.  Couple more balls fall in for hits here and there and that stat is in a completely different place.

What you SHOULD worry about is starters 2-5 pitching very very very dumpy.

For Sure NOT On the Ledge


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